I (Ashlie) have been on my own weight loss journey (and I am still on it because it really is something that you should think about and work on every day), so I know exactly what it feels like to have a goal in mind, have the drive to reach that goal, but not know how to get there. It wasn't always easy... It sure wasn't fast... But, I worked my butt off (literally!) and discovered a passion for health and fitness - a passion that I want to share with the world (or just Placer County!). I am a firm believer in hard work and dedication - no quick fixes or fad diets here. I am also a firm believer that becoming and staying healthy and fit should be fun and doesn't need to feel like a chore. 

 Once I became certified as a personal trainer with International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) I began working with clients in a one-on-one setting which I loved. I was also working in a Diabetes Prevention Program helping people adopt healthy lifestyle habits to prevent disease. 

I am now the proud owner of FitForce Bootcamp where I can continue to train in a one-on-one setting but I am also able to instruct groups of people just like me and just like you, people who just want to be healthy and fit and have some fun doing it! I am ready to show you the healthy way to reach your goals while providing motivation and support along the way! All you have to do is take the first step.

My husband Stuart is no stranger to group activity in the fitness world. Now a retired United States Marine, he has years of experience whipping himself and other Marines into pre-battle hardened shape in order to endure the pressures and heat that foreign deserts have lent the service members of this country. These days he can be found in local parks giving support and teaching members of the community how to get into the similar shape that has been offered by the Marines for over two-hundred and thirty-seven years. While he may not directly ask you to carry a telephone pole through a five foot deep pond of mud, rest assured he will help you to have the mental and physical ability to carry out such acts. 

In our free time we love to be outdoors whether we are taking our Basset Hounds to the dog park, camping, exploring the great things Placer County has to offer, traveling, or even working in the yard!

You can reach us at ashlie.pechin@yahoo.com or by phone at (530) 210-9663.

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to be positive role models for individuals, who can in turn create a healthy environment for themselves and their families through proper nutrition and exercise. We want to bring out the adventurous side in our clients, and help them realize that health and fitness are FUN! 

FitForce Bootcamp in the media!
A big "thank you" to Gloria Young at the Auburn Journal for writing a wonderful article about us! Read the article here!
And Amy Lobenberg for letting us contribute to her article on staying healthy during holidays! Read the article here! 
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